A downloadable Valdyr for Windows

In Valdyr, the player takes control of Lux and Nox, a pair of twin wolf cubs that are the opposite of each other.  They share the same destiny but live in different realms, the realm of Light and the realm of Darkness.  Travel through the Ethereal in a 3D Adventure and help them overcome all sorts of trials and puzzles. As the story progress, the player will unravel the plot revolving their parents, Kyul and Syra and a mysterious entity named Rylok. 

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We're Cosmic Wolf, and we hope you enjoy our game! Thanks!

Producer, developer and storyteller: Sullivan Caballero

Artist, texturizer and concept artist: Eli Fàbregas

Sound engineer: Jordi Barco

Compositor: Jan Fité

Modeller : Óscar Sánchez

Texturizer: Dídac Moyano

Developer: Victoria B. Montes

Install instructions

Just download the .rar file, extract it to your preferred destination and launch the .exe file, the one with the V icon. Enjoy!


Valdyr (Demo) by Cosmic Wolf Games 273 MB


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Please make it a .Zip instead of a .Rar file. (Nvm, btw the game is really good)